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UC Merced Martial Arts Club (MAC)

Learn the fundamentals of different martial arts, along with its history and different applications.

UC Merced Undergraduate Research Journal (URJ)

The University of California, Merced Undergraduate Research Journal (UCM URJ) is a platform dedicated to publishing undergraduate students’ academic research.

UC Sprouts

Outreach program to engage with elementary students and teach them about food etc..


The UNICEF Campus Initiative at UC Merced focuses on Educating, Advocating and Fundraising events to bring awareness of children survival in developing countries and our community. This group of students are leaders, but also friends and family.

United Pancreas (UP)

This club is open to UCM students who want to learn more about type 1 diabetes or want to connect with students who have it. This club will focus primarily on type 1 diabetes, but is welcoming to students who are affected by other types of diabetes.