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Taekwondo Club (TKD)

Our goal is to introduce people to the art of Taekwondo and most importantly, to improve ourselves physically and mentally.

Teaching in Engineering and Robotics (TiER)

Teaching in Engineering and Robotics is a student run organization that focuses on giving high school students the opportunity to get some experience in the STEM field by teaching them Robotics and having them compete in a robotics competition.

The Black Graduation Committee

The Black Graduation Committee is established to promote African and African American culture through the Black Grad Ceremony and other related events, activities or outreach deemed necessary by the Committee.

The Entrepreneurial Society at UC Merced (TESUM)

TESUM provides members of the UC Merced community with the tools necessary to foster creative and novel ideas through the art of entrepreneurship.

The Law Clinic at UC Merced (Law Clinic)

The Law Clinic at UC Merced serves as an educational resource and an institute of free legal assistance for students at the University of California, Merced.

The Magic: The Gathering Club at UC Merced. (MTG@UCM)

The Magic the Gathering card game is played by millions of people around the world. The purpose of our club is to unite these players in our campus into one community, giving them a place to play and help each other learn.

The Office of Research (O.R.ED.)

The Office of Research and Economic Development provides leadership, education and oversight to support scholarly investigation and research and research at UC Merced.

The Prodigy News

The Prodigy is the official student news organization of the University of California, Merced.

The Q Project at UC Merced (Q)

Science Education and Technology (SE+T = Q) Our aim is to make the students, here at UC Merced, job-ready in a collaborative learning environment.

The Sociology Club (Soc. Club)

The Sociology Club provides a foundation for the growth of community in the Sociology Department and serves as a natural vehicle for organizing extra-curricular activities and developing student leaders.

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