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Alliance with Animals (A.W.A)

Alliance with Animal will be dedicated to spreading awareness of the inhumane ways that are being used to treat animals across the globe and educate the general public in order to come together and take action.

Alpha Pregnancy Help Club (Alpha PHC at UC Merced)

Alpha PHC at UC Merced provides information about pregnancy and related issues while empowering students to continue their education, host events for students, and present opportunities for volunteering and hands on experience.

American Chemical Society (ACS)

American Chemical Society of UC Merced

Anime Club

Looking for something to do? Find us Wednesday (9-11pm) and Thursday (9-11pm), at COB2 170. Come hang out with us! Wednesday tend to be hang out days, and Thursday are when we show our line up.

Astronomy Club (ACUCM)

We are determined to learn more about Astronomy. We go out on clear nights and star gaze. This semester we are determined to educate the younger generation about this field. We will go down to the schools and teach about the universe.

Automotive Club at UC Merced (ACUCM)

We are a club set out to enlighten students on automotive repair and the generally meet to talk about cars. We also can group together to diagnose and repair automotive issues.

Bakery Club

Bakery Club is a group at UC Merced that invites everyone to share, embrace, and learn about the culinary arts of baking.

Best Buddies (BB)

Best Buddies is a student organization dedicated to supporting the international organization Best Buddies. The organization offers opportunities for one-to-one friendships between college students and individuals with IDD.

Bobcat Radio (BCR)

As one of UC Merced's Student Services, we aim to serve UC Merced and the surrounding community by providing an online streaming service that will contain music, podcasts, student recent events, campus news, and local underwriting.

Bobcat Theater

Bobcat Theater is dedicated to bringing both student and community theatrical productions to campus. Bobcat Theater also promotes the arts on campus. No prior experience in theater is needed to join and all students are welcome.

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