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A QSB graduate student podcast all about biology, from molecules to ecosystems.

Recycling at UC Merced

The UC Merced Recycling Club on campus helps to bring UC Merced to it's goal of zero waste by 2020 as part of the Triple Zero Commitment.

Refugee Coalition at UC Merced (RCUCM)

The purpose of this organization is to further the interests of immigrants and refugees in our communities at the University of California, Merced through advocacy, education, and outreach.

Regents' Scholar Society (RSS)

The Regents Scholar Society (RSS) at University of California, Merced is dedicated to promoting interaction among Regents Scholars at UC Merced as well as networking with Regents Scholars at other UC campuses during system-wide events.

Robotics Society (RS)

The goal of the Robotics Society is to produce and develop student-driven projects in robotics, providing a hands on experience and application of our studies in multiple disciplines


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