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Margo F. Souza Student Leadership Center

The Margo F. Souza Student Leadership Center provides leadership programming for students at UC Merced.

Mariposa Youth Impact Program (MYIP)

The MYIP seeks to reach out into Mariposa County schools to expose children to new academic experiences and opportunities to promote a stronger passion for learning and higher education

Marketing Club at UC Merced (Marketing Club)

The Marketing Club at UC Merced will enable you to be successful in the 21st century business landscape.

Materials Research Society (MRS)

MRS at the UC Merced aims to build a dynamic and interactive interdisciplinary community of student and faculty researchers to improve the understanding of materials while promoting a social and intellectual environment.

Medical Colleagues Aiming To provide Service

"Our mission is to establish and form bridge between the students of UC Merced and Merced Community. Our organization allocate sour members to a multitude of volunteering opportunities within the medical profession.

Meditation Club (MC)

This club is created to give students a place where they can understand and implement the art of meditation so as to obtain peace of mind in a hectic college environment.

Merced Christian Fellowship, Chi Alpha (XA)

We are a movement of college students dedicated to knowing Christ Jesus and making Him known. We meet on campus in various group sizes and settings. We also meet at UC Merced in SSB 160 Sunday nights at 6:30pm and will resume Merced Gatherings in the Fal

Merced County Project 10% (MCP10%)

Students share their personal stories to motivate and encourage middle school students to stay in school and graduate from high school! The goal is to increase high school graduation in Merced County by 10% over a 5 year period.

Merced Indian Graduate Student Association (MIGSA)

This is an organization for Indian Graduate Students in UC Merced. For cultural meets and events every year. To help and nurture other Indian Graduate Students.

Merced Pre-Law Society (MPLS)

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote a greater interest of law – related issues on campus and to provide support for those University of California, Merced undergraduates interested in legal careers.

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