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Hands For Help (H4H)

H4H is a club where you get a chance to give back to Merced community by helping out the homeless and underprivileged individuals via variety of community service events.

Hermanas Unidas

We create a home away from home for predominantly Latina women in higher education. Hermanas Unidas provides leadership opportunities and resources for undergraduates and alumni members.

Hermanos Unidos (HU-UCM)

Our organization looks to build "el Nuevo Hombre" which means what person you want to become. We provide Hermandad brotherhood to our members. Also, we focus in our three pillars which are Academic excellence, Community service, and Social interaction.

Hip Hop Movement (HHM)

Hip Hop Movement exists to promote cultural awareness of Hip Hop in today’s current society. We represent a social gathering of individuals dedicated to the pursuit and preservation of the knowledge and history of the art of hip hop.

Historical and Current Affairs Society

The Historical Society at UC Merced aims to build community among students of history, promote and facilitate academic excellence, provide needed volunteer help to museums, and generally strengthen the history major here at UC Merced.

Hmong Student Association (HSA)

Founded in Fall of 2006, Hmong Student Association at UC Merced was established to cultivate a college-going culture in the Hmong community and educate the UC Merced campus of the Hmong culture.

Humans United (HMNS UTD)

For the students from all faith backgrounds to come together and learn from each others cultures and beliefs. The next step is to put our messages to work through community service and social retreats to build up character and shine light in the world.