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Earth Club at The University of California, Merced (Earth Club)

The purpose of this organization is to promote awareness of recycling, reducing, and reusing in order to promote wildlife reserves and a better environment as well as conducting community service around the community to better our planet.

Economics Club at UC Merced (ECUCM)

A community of UC Merced students that have an interest in Economics work together to provide unique opportunities and experiences for club members and the University. This club encourages networking, economic thinking, skill building, and internships.

Economics of Health Professions (EHP)

The Economics of Health Professions Club seeks to bridge the gap between health professions and economics in order to prepare students for the realities of healthcare in the United States.

El Club de Espanol

El Club de Español fue creado para promover las raíces de nuestra cultura en la Universidad de Merced a través de la lengua y el arte. El Club de Español was created to promote our culture's roots at UCM by using language and art.

Engineers for COVE at UC Merced (EFC)

A group of students with an interest in engineering and innovation working with The Center for Vision Enhancement in Merced to development assistive technologies for the visually impaired.

Engineers for Sustainable World (ESW)

A global not-for-profit organization dedicated to mobilizing engineers and educating people to create a more sustainable world.

Environmental Systems, Ecology, & Evolution — student chapter of the George Wright Society (ESEE-GWS)

A group designed to facilitate discussion and mentorship between graduate students and postdocs interested in topics related to environmental systems, ecology, and evolution, and their relationship to protected areas.