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Dance Coalition

Dance Coalition is a dance group composed of people who are passionate about dancing. Established as the first dance club at UC Merced, we offer a large variety of dance styles and welcome dancers of all levels of experience.

Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta)

Delta Delta Delta Fraternity, founded in 1888, began as an organization concerned with the growth and development of the college woman and has evolved into a leader among sororities. "Let us steadfastly love one another." ♥

Delta Epsilon Mu, Theta Chapter (DEM)

We are the 6th Chapter of a National Co-ed Pre-Health Academic Fraternity that prepares its members to be competitive applicants when applying to their respective professional school. We are the first and only Professional Co-Ed Pre- Health Fraternity.

Delta Gamma (DG)

Anchored in Sisterhood ⚓ FOR HOPE. FOR STRENGTH. FOR LIFE. Eta Rho Chapter at UC Merced.

Delta Sigma Pi (Deltasigs)

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity that; fosters the study of business,encourages scholarship, emphasizes social activity for professional advancement through research and practice, and promotes closer civic community involvement.

Democrats at UCM

To promote voter registration, civic participation, and Democratic ideals

Desi Sports League (DSL)

The Desi Sports League serves as a platform to allow individuals to come together and share or discover their love for various sports. The DSL regularly meets to play sports and emphasize the importance of physical exercise and health.

Distinguished Ladies

The Distinguished Ladies of UC Merced established to uplift each other to become successful minority women, while positively impacting our campus as well as being actively involved in our Merced community.

Distinguished Young Individuals (DYI)

Distinguished Young Individuals focuses on inspiring young women by providing high school girls with the resources, mentorship, and skills they need for future careers, as well as scholarships to be used for higher education.

Division (DIV)

Dance Inspired Visions Div thrives on inspiration, innovation, and creativity. Perfection isn't our aim, rather, to explore one's creative flow. It's this passion for discovery that drives Div to challenge ourselves and connect with visionaries alike.

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