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Arthouse Merced (AHM)

Arthouse Merced is a new film club at UC Merced! We provide a platform to showcase and support any special creative projects.

African Students' Union (ASU)

We, the members of the African Students Union at UC Merced, establish to provide and foster the awareness and appreciation of the various cultures of the African continent.

Afrikan-Black Graduate Student Association

The Afrikan-Black Graduate Student Association seeks to build community among Black and Afrikan graduate students at UC Merced through social, cultural, political, and academic means in order to improve recruitment, retention, and overall success

Afrikans for Retention & Outreach (AFRO)

To unite and establish an Afrikan community that focuses on academic excellence, community outreach and providing a mentoring program that fosters student development throughout their college experience.

Anime Club

Looking for something to do? Find us Wednesday (9-11pm) and Thursday (9-11pm), at COB2 170. Come hang out with us! Wednesday tend to be hang out days, and Thursday are when we show our line up.

Anthropology Society of UC Merced

The Anthropological Society here at UC Merced focuses on all aspects of Anthropology. We offer multiple events and tutoring for those who wish to join.

Ballet Folklorico de UC Merced (BF de UCM)

We seek to educate UC students and people of the central valley of the style of dance that is Folklorico. We hold workshops that cater to both beginner and advanced dancers and prepare them to work together and give phenomenal performances.

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union is one of UC Merced's largest and eldest social organizations. We aim to equip students with the proper on-campus support in addition to various resources and opportunities within the Merced and surrounding communities.

Bobcat Theater

Bobcat Theater is dedicated to bringing both student and community theatrical productions to campus. Bobcat Theater also promotes the arts on campus. No prior experience in theater is needed to join and all students are welcome.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club (BJJ)

Learn the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, along with its history and applications.

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