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Arthouse Merced (AHM)

Arthouse Merced is a new film club at UC Merced! We provide a platform to showcase and support any special creative projects.

Anime Club

Looking for something to do? Find us Wednesday (9-11pm) and Thursday (9-11pm), at COB2 170. Come hang out with us! Wednesday tend to be hang out days, and Thursday are when we show our line up.

Bobcat Theater

Bobcat Theater is dedicated to bringing both student and community theatrical productions to campus. Bobcat Theater also promotes the arts on campus. No prior experience in theater is needed to join and all students are welcome.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club (BJJ)

Learn the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, along with its history and applications.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Campus Activities Board is an organization on campus funded by student fees aimed to host events and activities for students on campus.

Desi Sports League (DSL)

The Desi Sports League serves as a platform to allow individuals to come together and share or discover their love for various sports. The DSL regularly meets to play sports and emphasize the importance of physical exercise and health.

Division (DIV)

Dance Inspired Visions Div thrives on inspiration, innovation, and creativity. Perfection isn't our aim, rather, to explore one's creative flow. It's this passion for discovery that drives Div to challenge ourselves and connect with visionaries alike.

Game Development Club (GDC)

We are a club that makes games. Yeah. That's all there is to it. If you have the desire to create awesome video, board, or card games, then the UCM Game Dev Club will help you surround yourself with other passionate, like-minded people.

Generation to Generation

We strive to enlighten and guide Merced youth through mentoring, community involvement, and educational workshops. We hope to expose the youth and their parents to countless opportunities that will allow them to reach their full potential.

Hip Hop Movement (HHM)

Hip Hop Movement exists to promote cultural awareness of Hip Hop in today’s current society. We represent a social gathering of individuals dedicated to the pursuit and preservation of the knowledge and history of the art of hip hop.

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